Russian girl’s heartbreaking life with drug-addled parents


  • Photographic project from 2008 shows Russian family and their chaotic, drug fueled, lifestyle
  • Caused outrage in Russia when pictures were put online
  • Viewers were outraged at the neglect of two-year-old Asfina – who is surrounded by cigarettes, violence and drugs

Amateur photographer captures amazing images of artworks


  • Israeli policeman Arik Kfir makes incredible images in his kitchen using an IV bag and a glass of water
  • Mr Kfir has captured everything from cartoon characters like Bart Simpson to the London 2012 Olympics logo
  • The 45-year-old said: ‘Photography has made me see the world differently, it has given me a new outlook on life’

PURR evil! Hilarious images of the world’s most sinister-looking pet felines

  • Amusing photos show just how evil cats can look when the mood strikes
  • The moggies sport sinister smiles and glare at unsuspecting owners


They’re meant to be adorable, loving pets – but it seems nobody told this group of evil-looking cats.

These hilarious images show just how sinister felines can look when the mood strikes.

Among the photos is a cat glaring over a television screen – its luminous green eyes fixated on the camera.

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Rescued Cavalier King Charles after passers-by thought he was a pile of trash


His rescuers thought at first he was a discarded toy or even a piece of garbage – but on closer inspection they realized it was a little Cavalier King Charles having a seriously ruff time of it.

Found roaming the streets of Montreal last week, the little mut’s coat had grown so thick and caked in filth that he was almost unrecognizable as a pedigree dog.

Picked up by the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals and given a bath and a very close shave, the dog was transformed from hobo to regal in a matter of moments.