Monster 15-inch rat terrorises Swedish family after chewing through CONCRETE


  • A 15-inch ‘Viking rat’ caught in a suburb to the Swedish capital
  • Family got suspicious when their cat refused to go into the kitchen
  • Giant rodent had gnawed its way in and was living behind the dishwasher

‘Antisocial network’ Cloak helps users avoid their friends

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A pair of U.S. developers have created Cloak, an iPhone “antisocial network” to help users avoid running into their friends.
Cloak, created by programmer Brian Moore and former Buzzfeed creative director Chris Baker, is billed as the “antisocial network” and uses check-in data from Foursquare and Instagram to allow users to see the locations of their friends on a map, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.
“Avoid exes, co-workers, that guy who likes to stop and chat — anyone you’d rather not run into,” the app description in the iTunes store reads.
The app also allows users to “flag” certain friends and they will receive notifications when the flagged friends show up within a certain range.

Tumbleweeds Invade Fountain Neighborhood



High winds are to blame for a shockingly large amount of tumbleweeds that have blown into a neighborhood south of Colorado Springs.

The tumbleweeds piled up in front of homes in a new development in the town of Fountain, and the piles that covered the road and cars were are as high as 10 feet in some places.

Residents say the tumbleweeds blew in in an instant, and that the winds that brought them in were so strong it felt like a tornado.

CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Is It Preposterous’ to Think a Black Hole Caused Flight 370 to Go Missing?


CNN’s Don Lemon has been entertaining all sorts of theories about the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, including the chance something “supernatural” happened, but on Wednesday night, he actually asked panelists about the possibility a black hole was involved.

Lemon brought this up along with other “conspiracy theories” people have been floating on Twitter, including people noting the eerie parallels to Lost and The Twilight Zone, and wondered, “is it preposterous” to consider a black hole as a possibility?

Amateur photographer captures amazing images of artworks


  • Israeli policeman Arik Kfir makes incredible images in his kitchen using an IV bag and a glass of water
  • Mr Kfir has captured everything from cartoon characters like Bart Simpson to the London 2012 Olympics logo
  • The 45-year-old said: ‘Photography has made me see the world differently, it has given me a new outlook on life’

PURR evil! Hilarious images of the world’s most sinister-looking pet felines

  • Amusing photos show just how evil cats can look when the mood strikes
  • The moggies sport sinister smiles and glare at unsuspecting owners


They’re meant to be adorable, loving pets – but it seems nobody told this group of evil-looking cats.

These hilarious images show just how sinister felines can look when the mood strikes.

Among the photos is a cat glaring over a television screen – its luminous green eyes fixated on the camera.

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